Meet Us

Pastor Ted and Shirley Harrison

40 years of following God’s call to ministry has allowed Him to lead and guide me to missions around the world such as Taiwan, South Korea, Austria and Yugoslavia.  In the 1980’s, after teaching and leading in many capacities, God used me to start, build and pastor a church for 20 years.  I retired in 2004 but God wasn’t through with me, yet!  After four years, I was again leading and teaching.  In 2016, God called me to Agape Life Fellowship in Springfield, Missouri.  Praise be to our Lord!

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Our Vision

We are Christ’s body to reach the lost world

We are called to ‘stir up’ people to receive all the wonderful blessings God has provided through His Son Jesus Christ, the first blessing being eternal life by being born again. God’s blessings provide everything needed for man’s existence here on earth: food, clothing, shelter, deliverance, prosperity and healing.

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We offer several different learning opportunities for children, youth and adults to help you grow as a child of Jesus Christ. We understand that ministries offer a high value for worshiping and studying God’s word together. We invite you to attend one of our ministries or meetings; you will find that we only encourage spiritual and personal growth.

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