Make a Connection

While working on our taxes, I opened an envelope that contained yearend tax information re: a home mortgage. Or at least, I expected it to contain information on the interest paid for the year, when it actually was an escrow statement (clearly marked on the outside, of course! lol).

While looking it over, I discovered that it had a check attached for “overpayment” to the escrow account. What an unexpected blessing that was to find a check in the envelope!

I was thanking the Lord for the blessing, when I realized I had purchased a ran suit for our motorcycle rides on clearance sale the previous day that was the same amount as the check!!!

The Holy Spirit helped me to “make the connection” and recognize that it was the Lord supplying our need!!!!

Thank you, Lord! You are good & you always supply ALL our needs according to YOUR riches in glory by Christ Jesus!

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