God Answers Prayers

In November 2012 I had a carotid artery in my right neck artery. I was going to Good News Worship Center, asked for prayers and had operation in Nov. 2012. Everything went great.

I was checked again March 2013 and Doctor said everything was flowing good.

Then a year later in Nov. 2013, Doctor Mullen said he saw a blood clot in artery behind my eye and sent me to neurologist Doctor Cunningham. He took an MRI and said I had an aneurism on the brain and would have to have an operation.

I was attending church at Agape Life Fellowship, asked for prayers and had operation in 2013 of November. Everything came out great and I’m almost back to normal.

Thank you prayer warriors at Agape Life. Thank you God.

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  1. I was diagnosed with cancer, but because of the true word of god that’s taught at agapalife fellowship church, I stood firm on the word of God and didn’t, back down, and received my healing, PRAISE GOD, I GIVE HIM ALL GLORY AND HONOR. My wife and I appreciate the positive faith teaching by pastors Ted and Shirley Harrison. they are filled with the love and anointing of God. We owe God all our praise and worship.

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