Thank You, Jesus


A huge “Thank You, Jesus!” for guidance and protection!

Driving to my office at the church, I reached the stop light, having exited I-44, and was strongly impressed to turn right instead of left. “Okay,” I thought, “I will run this errand to Sally’s Beauty Supply now.” I had intended to do this after I had finished my work at the church office.

Having made my purchase at the shop, I headed west on Chestnut. When I topped the highest point of the overpass I saw lots of flashing lights ahead, at the first stop light after the overpass. There was a vehicle on its side, in the lane I would have been in, perhaps 25 minutes earlier. The sheriff’s deputies were directing traffic and motioning me on, so i could not get a view of the details of the accident. There were lots of people standing and milling around and I do believe that I saw a large animal lying dead on the pavement.

There was no reason I had to go to Sally’s before doing my work at the office, but, Hallelujah, I went and I do believe that I avoided being involved in an accident!

Oh My God, I want always to be sensitive to Your “nudging,” to Your impressions, to Your voice. Thank You, once again.

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